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You Can’t Sit With Us: Congressional Black Caucus Blocks Republican From Membership



Byron Donalds

Apparently there is only one rule required in order to join the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). No, it’s not to be a Black congressman or congresswoman; it’s to not be a Republican. Black House Republican member Byron Donalds (R-FL) is being blocked from joining the caucus.

Donalds’s office says they have been given “the cold shoulder” after repeated attempts to reach out to the CBC’s members. One source confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the caucus was in fact blocking Donalds’s membership.

Donalds is one of two Black Republicans in the House. His spokesman Harrison Fields said, “the sad reality is although the Congressman and those in the CBC share the same race, the (R) behind his name disqualifies him from membership today.”

A CBC spokesperson did not have the courage to admit their actions for what they are. Instead, the spokesman stated the caucus “remains committed to fighting for issues that support Black communities, including the police accountability bill, protecting voting rights, and a jobs bill that helps our communities.”

In essence, the CBC believes Black Republicans have zero intention to “support Black communities.” The spokesperson added, “we will work with those who share our values and priorities for the constituents we serve.” How very rich of them; to blame the constituents’ interest when they have zero input on the caucus’ membership.

Donalds’s office allegedly has spoken with three CBC members about joining the group, but to no avail, despite pointing out his bipartisan efforts in Congress and willingness to engage with the caucus. Donalds was part of the Black caucus in Florida when he served in the state House.

Currently there are no Republican members in the CBC, but there have been Black GOP members in the group in the past. Republican Congressman from Utah Burgess Owens is the second Black Republican House member who publicly stated before he won his election that he did not plan to join the CBC.

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  1. Bmac

    June 12, 2021 at 12:00 pm

    So they are the Democrat black caucus. If we started a Rebublican black caucus I am sure they would say we are deciding the country!

  2. Dexter Wilson

    June 14, 2021 at 2:45 pm

    Jim Crow Joes’ favorite Afro-Americans continue to lie about the inclusiveness of the their Black community. Remember that the Democratic Party would not let you vote being black in the South unless you supported their candidates and would not let Blacks have guns to protect themselves until the the beginning of the 1900’s. And Trump never was a racist in comparison to Jim Crow Joe.

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