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World’s Tallest Flagpole will Honor Fallen Heroes and for be First Flag Returning Soldiers See



In a gallant display to honor 24 million fallen soldiers, one family will make the world’s tallest flagpole to proudly display the American flag. Morrill Worcester and his son Rob Worcester, joined “Morning in America ” to provide a sneak peak of their plans to create “the last flag that deployed veterans will see when they fly to Europe, and the first flag they will see when they return to the U.S.”

Worcester continues to honor our military heroes with visible signs of appreciation. The world’s tallest flagpole will reside in the “Flagpole of Freedom of Park” to honor every fallen soldier and will open on July 4, 2026, which will be our nation’s 250th birthday.

“It actually matches the important date in our history. Purposely, we made it 1,776 feet above sea level. The pole itself is just a little bit taller than the Empire State Building to give you an idea, and it will fly the largest American flag ever to be flown,” said Rob.

To see the incredible video of the proposed plan and to keep up with the project, go to flagpoleoffreedom.com

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