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Wyoming Gov. Announces End Of Lockdown

Wyoming currently has about 500 active cases, down from a peak of over 11,000 in November



Gov. Mark Gordon

On Monday, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon (R) announced an end to the state’s lockdown measures, including the state-wide mask mandate and allowing businesses to open at full capacity beginning March 16th.

“Wyoming has seen a declining number of active COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, and has seen significant success rolling out the vaccine, with the state’s most vulnerable residents having access to the vaccine,” a statement from the Governor’s office said.

“Wyoming’s vaccination efforts are among the most efficient in the country,” the statement added. “Nearly 100,000 first doses have been administered and 19% of the state’s residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Almost all counties in the state are now entering the 1c phase, which includes restaurants, bars, gyms, and theater workers. Wyoming vaccine distribution information can be found here.”

Wyoming currently has about 500 active cases of COVID-19, down from a peak of over 11,000 in November. The number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital is also now down to 1/10 of its peak.

“I thank the people of Wyoming for their commitment to keeping one another safe throughout this pandemic,” Gordon said. “It is through their efforts that we have kept our schools and businesses operating and our economy moving forward. I ask all Wyoming citizens to continue to take personal responsibility for their actions and stay diligent as we look ahead to the warmer months and to the safe resumption of our traditional spring and summer activities.”

Gordon’s announcement comes a few days after Texas and Mississippi made similar decisions and marks nearly a year after lockdown measures were put in place.

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  1. Cecilia

    March 9, 2021 at 11:14 am

    Congratulations, Wyoming, a beautiful state with a very wise Governor. Here in Arkansas we are still waiting for our 1/2 liberal, 1/2 conservative Republican to do the same for our state, the Natural State and the Land of Opportunity. Right now, the opportunity part of the nickname does not apply very well, with many small businesses, and large private businesses still shut down. If this lockdown keeps up, I am moving to one of these states that are fully oppen.


    March 9, 2021 at 11:21 am

    Time for ALL States to end this Lockdown nonsense and get back to our lives !!

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