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White House Claims Biden Admin Has Been ‘Securing The Border’




On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that the Biden administration has been “securing the border” to stop the record number of drug overdoses the United States is facing.

“300 overdoses a day now.  We know how the fentanyl is coming into the country; it’s coming right across the southern border.  The DEA administrator says so… Americans’ life expectancies are going down at a rate not seen in a century, and part of that is being driven by drug overdoses.  So what is the President going to do to stop it?” a reporter asked.

“We agree.  We see those same numbers as well,” Jean-Pierre responded. “But the fact that we’re — you know, we are securing the border.  The fact that we are securing record levels of funding from DHS so they can stop illicit drugs from entering into the country.  The fact that it’s not just drug traffickers that we’re dealing with as well; we’re stopping — stopping financiers.  This is what’s happening with this — under this administration.”

Notably, Fentanyl, which is responsible for more than 80,000 of the 108,000 overdose deaths last year, is mainly entering the United States through the southern border.

Jean-Pierre’s comments come as illegal immigration at the southern border has reached the highest levels on record with  nearly 2 million migrants being encountered at the southern border by July of fiscal year 2022, already far more than the 1,734,686 encounters throughout all of fiscal year 2021.

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