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University Dean admits to ‘cluster hire’ of staff only because they were Black



“I absolutely am” stated Dr. Robin L. Hughes, dean of the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) answering the question as to whether or not she is hiring staff solely on race. According to Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Hughes gave an interview where she admitted to making hiring decisions only because individuals were Black.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education published the article titled “Colleges Look to Cluster Hires Amid Diversity Hostilities.”

In the article, the Higher Education publication explains the notion of cluster hires:

Cluster hiring instantly injects diversity into departments that have little, while making the experience easier for minoritized faculty members. Because several minoritized professors are being hired at once, they are less likely to be tokenized and burdened with extra diversity, equity, and inclusion work. And by providing support, mentoring, and a ready-made network of peers, clusters can help minoritized faculty avoid burnout and stay in their roles.
Objections to hiring solely based on race are common because Universities have an obligation to ensure their faculties are knowledgeable about systemic oppression, equity and justice, Dr. Bridget Kelly, an associate professor and student affairs & diversity officer at the University of Maryland’s College of Education, told Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that American Alliance for Equal Rights, a conservative legal group, sued two major law firms in August, alleging the firms’ diversity fellowships violated the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

Another lawsuit filed by American First Legal, a conservative legal group, claimed Meta supports a race-based hiring program.

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