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UK Biologist: ‘There Are Two Sexes And That’s All There Is To It’



In a new interview, UK biologist & writer Richard Dawkins weighed in on the transgender debate, saying that “there are two sexes.”

Dawkins made his comments as he talked to British journalist Piers Morgan about the backlash author J.K. Rowling has received for making similar statements.

“We’ve seen the way J.K. Rowling has been bullied, the way Kathleen Stock has been bullied. They’ve stood up to it. But it’s very upsetting, the way this tiny minority of people has managed to capture the discourse and to really talk errant nonsense,” Morgan said.

“What’s the answer to it?” Morgan asked.

“Science,” Dawkins answered. “There are two sexes. You can talk about gender if you wish. That’s subjective…As a biologist there are two sexes and that’s all there is to it.”

Dawkins’ comments come as Democrats have pushed for a rejection of basic biology by increasingly suggesting that there are more than two biological sexes and that biological sex is mutable. 

Last month, for example, all Kansas state Senate Democrats unanimously opposed legislation defining “woman” as a “biological female.” One Democrat criticized the bill for its “biological essentialist language.” The bill was eventually passed through Republican support.

Additionally, during President Biden’s first few days in office, he issued an executive order that enforced the idea of there being more than two biological sexes by allowing “Mx” as a U.S. government gender identification for those who did not believe they were male or female.

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