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Election 2020

Trump campaign sets record for online fundraising, plans cosmic ad buy in Minnesota

“You won’t be able to turn on the TV without seeing a Trump ad.”



President Trump’s campaign experienced record-breaking online fundraising Thursday, but they aren’t stopping there. 

The campaign plans to put a portion of the money raised toward a huge Minnesota ad buy in the final 11 days before the election, according to The Hill. 

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said the explosive day of online donations was better than any online fundraising day during the 2016 or 2020 presidential cycles, raising $26 million in the hours around the presidential debate. 

$26 million is a booming 30 percent increase from any prior 24-hour period of fundraising. 

And, October has already proven to be the campaign’s largest online fundraising month ever. 

But while their funding has skyrocketed in recent days, the Trump campaign faces a massive cash deficit against Biden with just under two weeks until the election, The Hill reports. Biden’s campaign entered October with $114 million. 

Regardless, Trump’s campaign will put their money to good use: a hefty ad buy in Minnesota. 

“The new buy is going to be a heavy buy,” Stepien said. “I emphasize heavy. You won’t be able to turn on the TV without seeing a Trump ad.” 

Minnesota has been a blue state since 1972, which the Trump campaign hopes to change this go around. 

Along with the ad buy, the campaign says it has 60 staffers on the ground working to flip the state red. 

“Our ground game is another component to why we feel so good … those 60 staffers are knocking on doors, getting ballots returned and what gives us heightened confidence,” Stepien said. “Joe Biden has been running a lot of TV ads. He’s got nothing on the ground. We’re now giving added air cover to the people who have been making sure that those ballots that have been sent, those voted early are returned and putting the president in position for a victory on Election Day.” 

With the election right around the corner, President Trump’s campaign is working vigorously to keep him around for four more years.

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