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Thousands Of Illegals Pour Across Southern Border In Eagle Pass, Texas



Border crisis

Over the last few days, thousands of migrants had illegally crossed the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, forcing the city to declare a local disaster.

The news comes as the border crisis that began under President Biden continues to worsen with illegal immigration in fiscal year 2023 on track to set a new record high. Notably, the Biden administration took down razor wire in that area designed to help prevent illegal immigration on Wednesday. 

“TX: Happening now: Thousands of migrants are streaming into Eagle Pass after a train made its way to Piedras Negras—Sources roughly 4,000 have already entered— They say the line over in Mexico stretches for miles,” News Nation Network Correspondent Ali Bradley wrote on Twitter. “The mayor in Eagle Pass declared a local disaster yesterday.”

“Sources say the soft-sided facility is maxed out and roughly 2,000 migrants are beneath the bridge in Eagle Pass,” Bradley continued. “This is 2 years to the date that there were roughly 16k migrants under the bridge in Del Rio— This is the same sector.”

“Sources say the soft-sided facility in Eagle Pass is beyond capacity right now, there is a line of people waiting to get in and there are now roughly 4,000 migrants under the bridge… And more are coming,” she added. 

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