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Texas Passes GOP Voting Bill Despite Dem Obstruction




Texas Senate Republicans have persevered, much to the Democrats’ dismay. They have pushed through Senate Bill 1, a bill that Democrats find so horrible, so deplorable, that they hopped on a private plane with a case of beer in tow and fled the state to go straight to Washington, D.C. in protest and hopes of shutting down the legislative session.

And just what is the horrendous bill that forced the Democrats to fly sans-masks, resulting in many of them coming down with COVID-19? That voters write their driver’s license or other identification number on absentee ballots, bans state officials from sending out unsolicited mail-in ballots, and bans 24-hour and drive-in voting. Gasp!

Nonetheless, the bill was advanced with a Republican majority, voting along party lines, by an 18-11 vote. One last ditch effort attempting to delay the vote was done by state Senator Carol Alvarado who completed a 15-hour talking filibuster.

“Filibuster rules prohibited Albarado from eating, sitting down, leaning on her desk, taking a bathroom break or speaking about subjects unrelated to the bill” reports National Review. Democrats cry voter suppression and claim the Republican bill has racist undertones by trying to make it harder for those who do not have legal identification to vote.

Republicans say the bill simply attempts to make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat.” Republican state Senator Bob Hall said the legislation is “one of the best bills we’ve passed in a long time.”

“We made changes, fundamental changes that will benefit all people” added Hall. “It doesn’t matter your background, your ethnicity. It’s aimed at everyone in Texas to ensure that every vote counts.” “There was a lot of input from all parties in there, that, I think, made the bill better. There is absolutely nothing racist in this bill” the Senator concluded.

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