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TERRELL: ‘There is something seriously wrong with Joe Biden’

“I don’t have to be a doctor. There is something seriously wrong with Joe Biden.”



Leo Terrell appeared on Hannity Tuesday night to discuss Joe Biden and his many blunders. 

“I don’t have to be a doctor. There is something seriously wrong with Joe Biden,” he said. “Inability to remember the name or to pronounce the name of a cabinet position or his appointee and he’s not even in office yet.” 

Terrell suggested that because of Biden’s low energy levels and forgetfulness, he may not make it through a full term. 

“This is a dangerous sign to everyone that this man may not be able to make it four years. It’s not tired Joe, or sleepy Joe. There’s no energy there whatsoever,” he said. 

But, he posed a concerning but critical question: would Biden or Kamala Harris be worse? 

“And what gives me the greater concern is waiting in the wings is the most progressive, left-wing socialist so it’s like who do you choose, Kamala Harris or Joe Biden?” 

It is no doubt that Trump is a hardworking man, and Terrell urged that the energy levels of Trump and Biden don’t even compare. 

“It’s frightening because when you compare how slow and just unable to move forward Joe Biden is and you look at the energy within Donald Trump, the man who works 24/7, it is a scary situation,” he said. 

“Joe Biden, if he gets elected, hopefully will only be a one term president. He just doesn’t have the energy as Donald Trump,” he added. 

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