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TERRELL: ‘The left-wing media dominates’

“The left wing media will not cover this outrageous conduct”



Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell has emerged on the political scene as one of President Trump’s most vocal supporters, and one of Black Lives Matter’s most outspoken critics. 

In a Newsmax interview with Sean Spicer, Terrell said he became a Trump supporter because the president revolutionized the republican party. 

“That’s the problem, the left-wing media dominates…what you have here is this,” Terrell said. “You have 73 million people who support Donald Trump and they’re out here expressing their love for this man. He made me become a republican because he redefined the republican party,” he continued. 

Terrell blasted the left-wing media for not covering the violent attacks on Trump supporters during the “Million MAGA March” by Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs. 

“Those people are out there peaceful, and yet it discourages and it makes the left upset. Why? Because of this tremendous support for the president and it’s continual support and the left wing media will not cover this outrageous conduct,” he added. 

With violent riots continuing across the country since the death of George Floyd last May, Terrell pointed out that the cities facing the most unrest are ironically run by the left. 

“One other point, Sean, it’s a typical playbook. Democratic city, democratic mayor, corruption with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and no prosecution.” 

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  1. AuskiHeth

    November 16, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    Never a truer word spoken Mr Tyrell.

  2. Bob Carter

    November 16, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    Black Lives Matter more than all the rest.
    The United States a former democratic country where the majority ruled is now dominated by a the minority of 14%.

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