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Election 2020

TERRELL: ‘Joe Biden is not a friend to African Americans!’

‘Joe, what have you done for black America for the last 40 years, what have you done?’



Leo Terrell

Leo Terrell did not hold back on ‘Hannity’ last week, calling out Joe Biden for doing absolutely nothing for black Americans.

Joined by Dan Bongino and Geraldo, Terrell said that he is “angry,” and if he were Chris Wallace, he would’ve given Biden a piece of his mind.

“Joe Biden is not a friend to African Americans. I wish I was Chris Wallace for 5 minutes. I would’ve said ‘Joe, what have you done for black America for the last 40 years, what have you done?’ I wish I was Chris Wallace because Joe Biden didn’t explain why black voters should vote for him. So, I’m upset. And, Donald Trump, keep fighting.”

After a ping-pong match of interruptions and cut-throat personal digs on the national stage Tuesday night, Terrell also expressed his frustration with Trump’s mistreatment by the left-wing media.

“Donald Trump has to fight 24/7 to get the message. It’s Donald Trump versus the left-wing media…Donald Trump, keep fighting. Keep fighting because you cannot trust the media.”

Watch Terrell’s comments above.

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    October 5, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Joe hasn’t done anything for ANY American.

  2. Linda ILL

    October 5, 2020 at 11:35 pm

    LEO: I really hope you read this! In the 90’s I watched an “Impeach Bill Clinton” rally on C-Span. It was held in D.C. and there were several black Americans speaking at the rally. One older feisty black woman got up to that mic and she shredded the Democrat party! Her words ring in my ears to this day! Her closing remark was: “And remember–the Democrats want to keep us black folks in the Four D’s: Dumb, Dependent, Depressed, and Democrat!

    LEO: I’ve been wanting a black Republican candidate to use this fabulous quote as a campaign motto! So maybe you can spread the word! THE DEMS WANT TO KEEP US BLACK FOLKS IN THE THREE D’S: DUMB, DEPENDENT, DEPRESSED, AND DEMOCRAT!!!!

    Please get the word out, Leo! Let this awesome quote become a rallying cry for patriotic black Americans! And welcome home!, Leo! Love ya, man!!!

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