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TERRELL: ‘Democrats are using the National Guard troops in Washington DC as a prop’

“Where’s the credible threat? The credible threat, Judge, is in Portland and Seattle,” he urged.



In the wake of the Capitol riot on January 6, National Guard troops will now remain in the nation’s capital through the end of March due to an ongoing “threat” of violence. 

Leo Terrell joined Charlie Kirk on Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday to discuss the real threat to our country. 

“I’ll tell you very quickly, Judge, the democrats are anti-military, anti-police. They defund the military, defund the police,” he said, “but they’re using these national guard troops in Washington D.C. as a prop, nothing more.” 

Terrell warned that the credible threat isn’t in Washington, rather it’s in the democrat cities blanketed with riots, looting and violent unrest. 

“Where’s the credible threat? The credible threat, Judge, is in Portland and Seattle,” he urged. “They won’t send them there. You know why? Because they’re left-wing socialist criminals. And that’s the base of the democrats.” 

With the continued violence in Portland and Seattle, the White House has been awfully quiet. Terrell blasted Biden for failing to comment on the misconduct. 

“All summer long, the democrats didn’t do anything regarding the crime in democratic cities. I’ve been waiting for every press conference, Joe Biden and Jen Psaki, to talk about the criminal misconduct in Portland and Seattle but they won’t because those are democrats and they won’t do anything about it,” he said. 

“Those National Guard troops are being used as props, Judge. There’s no threat in Washington D.C., the threat is in Portland and Seattle.”

After a summer of riots, protests and destruction, Black Lives Matter has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian politician Petter Eide. He nominated the organization for its ability to raise “global awareness and consciousness about racial injustice.” 

Terrell shared his shock and discontempt. 

“The irony of this Judge and Charlie is that in the northwest, in these democratic cities, you have Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? They’re criminals!,” he said.

“They’re rioting in these democratic cities and they’re being considered for a Nobel Peace Prize. I know you’re stunned, I’m stunned too because it’s a shock, a shocking statement to have Black Lives Matter being considered for a Nobel Peace Prize. Crazy, Judge, it’s crazy in this country,” he said.

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