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Russians Jam GPS of Plane Carrying UK’s Defense Minister Shapps Over Kaliningrad Enclave

The world has become a much more dangerous place, lately. On the seas, on land – and certainly in the…

Paul Serran 2 Min Read

Iran sending powerful missiles to Russia in exchange for fighter aircraft after Biden admin allowed sanctions to expire

Now that sanctions have expired, Iran is taking advantage and helping Russia, another U.S. adversary. Reuters reported Wednesday that “Iran is sending powerful…

Team Leo 2.0 3 Min Read

Iran, Russia announce ‘new cooperation treaty’

The Russian foreign ministry has announced a new treaty with the Iranian regime. Calling the agreement “timely, but also overdue,” Russian…

Team Leo 2.0 3 Min Read

Biden Admin Announces Additional $2 Billion In Military Aid To Ukraine

On Friday, Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration announced that it would be sending an additional $2 billion in military aid…

Leo Terrell Staff 1 Min Read

DeSantis Slams Biden Admin’s ‘Blank-Check Policy’ Towards Ukraine With No Clear Objective

During an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican Governor Ron DeSantis slammed the Biden administration for its…

Leo Terrell Staff 2 Min Read

Biden Admin Tells American Citizens To Leave Russia Immediately

On Monday, the Biden administration urged American citizens to immediately leave Russia over “unpredictable consequences,” including wrongful detentions, as a…

Leo Terrell Staff 2 Min Read

Obama’s Defense Secretary Slams Biden Over Handling Of Ukraine Crisis

Over the weekend, Robert Gates, former President Obama’s Secretary of Defense, slammed President Biden’s handling of the war in Ukraine,…

Leo Terrell Staff 3 Min Read

Top Russian official hints at Nuclear War possibility if Ukraine invasion fails

Former Russian President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev wrote incendiary comments on Telegram alluding to nuclear war. Russia…

Team Leo 2.0 2 Min Read

U.S. Sending Ukraine More Offensive Weapons To ‘Create An Iron Fist’ To ‘Penetrate Russian Linear Defenses’

The United States has made a “substantive” change in the kind of weaponry in its aid to Ukraine and is…

Leo Terrell Staff 2 Min Read
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