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Real Wages Of American Workers Fell Again Last Month

The real wages of American workers fell last month as the United States appears to have entered a recession, according…

Leo Terrell Staff 2 Min Read

Obama’s Top Economic Adviser Responds To New BEA Report: U.S. Economy Has ‘Been In Recession For Some Time’

On Thursday, Jason Furman, who served as former President Barack Obama’s Chairman of Economic Advisers, responded to the news that…

Leo Terrell Staff 3 Min Read

Federal Reserve Increases Interest Rates Amid Recession Fears

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve voted to further increase interest rates by 0.25 percentage points to 5.25% in an effort…

Leo Terrell Staff 2 Min Read

US Economy Grows At Half Expected Rate As Economy Enters Recession

The United States economy grew at about half the rate as economists had predicted in the first quarter as the…

Leo Terrell Staff 1 Min Read

Economic Analysis Concludes 99% Chance U.S. Will Enter Recession In Next 12 Months

The United States is virtually certain to enter a recession within the next 12 months, according to a new analysis…

Leo Terrell Staff 2 Min Read
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