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REPORT: White House Aides Worried About Biden’s ‘Psychological Torment’ Over Hunter Trial

The liberal outlet Politico is reporting that Biden aides are worried about the president suffering ‘psychological torment’ over his son…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

Unfit for Command: Dementia Joe Biden Trips and Almost Falls at DC Event Honoring Fallen Officers (VIDEO)

Credit: @RNCResearch Joe Biden came close to suffering another embarrassing fall while attending the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service on…

Cullen Linebarger 2 Min Read

James Carville Freaks Out Over Failure of Democrat Attacks on Trump: ‘It’s Not Working!’ (VIDEO)

Democrat strategist and former Bill Clinton staffer James Carville is not doing well. He is extremely frustrated and angry that…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

Biden Claims Inflation Was 9 Percent When He Took Office (It Was 1.4 Percent)

It is sometimes hard to tell whether Joe Biden is lying or simply demented, but either way he is spreading…

Team Leo 2.0 3 Min Read

HE’S SHOT: Biden Reads Teleprompter Instructions Word For Word in Wisconsin Speech (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Wisconsin to brag about his dumpster fire economy and a $3 billion investment from…

Cristina Laila 1 Min Read

Jen Psaki Defends Biden’s lack of Media Access – Suggests He Should Appear on ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s former press secretary Jen Psaki, who now has a TV show on MSNBC for some reason, appeared on…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

FOX News Analyst From Chicago Says Fed-up City Residents Are Serious About Voting for Trump in November (VIDEO)

FOX News political analyst Gianno Caldwell is from Chicago and says that people in the city have had it with…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

REPORT: Joe Biden’s Vote Buying Scheme to ‘Forgive’ Student Loan Debt is Benefiting Wealthy Families

Joe Biden’s effort to buy the votes of young Americans by ‘forgiving’ student loan debt – something the U.S. Supreme…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

Wall Street Journal Poll: Trump Has Nearly Doubled Support Among Black Men and Women Since 2020

In 2020, Donald Trump made significant gains among black voters. In 2024, the numbers are even greater. According to a…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read
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