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State Department spokesman causes outrage after referring to Iranians seeking freedom as wanting ‘reforms’



President Biden’s State Department spokesperson Ned Price has sparked outrage after insensitive comments surrounding Iranians’ fight for freedom and democracy. “We have spent a good deal of time at senior levels speaking about ways that we can demonstrate our support for those brave Iranians, including many women and girls, who are peacefully demonstrating, taking to the streets, to call for the reforms that they’re demanding,” said Price.

The Foreign Desk News reports issue was taken with Price’s word choice, downplaying the desperation of Iran and what its people are demanding as mere “reforms.”  Price “caused a stir among many Iranian Americans online and inside Iran. Many Iranian American experts pointed out daily slogans on the streets of Iran as well as social media posts by supporters of the movement underscore a movement that is focused on overthrowing the Islamic Republic regime” writes the Foreign Desk.

Iranian Americans and Iranians seeking peace have been begging the Biden administration not to negotiate with Iran; particularly by re-entering a nuclear deal. The Foreign Desk writes perhaps Price and the “U.S. refuses to say that Iranian protesters are seeking the complete overthrow of the regime to curry favor with officials from Tehran for talks on a potential nuclear agreement.”

U.S. Iran envoy Robert Malley tweeted that Iranians were protesting to have the Islamic Republic “respect their human rights and dignity.” In response, Iranians on social media strongly objected, saying “ordinary people risking their lives in the streets had proven that they reject the clerical regime and want a new, democratic government and not just respect from an oppressive regime.”

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