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SAY WHAT? Dem in Georgia runoff: ‘nobody can serve God and the military’

“America, nobody can serve God and the military.”



As Georgia heads into a January 5 run-off election, a video has surfaced from 2011 showing Democrat Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock preaching absolute nonsense. 

“America, nobody can serve God and the military,” Warnock said in the video. “You can’t serve God and money. You cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. America, choose ye this day who you will serve. Choose ye this day.” 

The video was originally posted online by Sen. Marco Rubio who said he is “not shocked,” and that this is “what the radicals who control the Democratic party’s activist & small dollar donor base believe.”  

The controversial comments come less than two months before incumbent GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Warnock go head to head in the runoff, one of two that will ultimately decide who gains control of the upper congressional chamber. 

And, the comments certainly won’t appeal to the 80 percent of Georgians who identify as Christians in a state heavily populated with 14 military installations. 

More than four dozen veterans in the Peach State are even calling on Warnock to suspend his campaign. 

“Raphael Warnock’s comments about military men and women are despicable and flat out wrong,” the veterans said in a statement according to Fox News. “Here in Georgia, true leaders recognize the service and sacrifice of all who have courageously defended our nation’s freedom.” 

“We stand together in calling on Raphael Warnock to drop out immediately and we remain grateful to those who honor our fellow men and women in uniform – and our Creator,” they added. 

Leo Terrell, who plans to head to Georgia in December, blasted Warnock in a tweet. 

“We are one nation under god. Our military protects us 24/7,” he wrote. 

“Warnock’s decision to attack religious members of our military insults every American. He is unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate,” he added. 

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