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San Francisco Chamber Poll: 40% Residents Plan to Leave, 76% Want More Police on Streets

A mass exodus from one of the most liberal cities in the world may be underway



San Francisco

A mass exodus from one of the most liberal cities in the world may be underway. According to a poll of 500 San Franciscans commissioned by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, over 40% of residents plan to move out of the city in the next few years.

Rising crime and a deteriorating quality of life are to blame. 8 out of 10 people polled said the crime has increased and 90% believe the homeless crisis has gotten even worse. Three-quarters of San Francisco residents say their quality of life has taken a huge hit.

The Chamber wrote, “for the second year in a row, 70% of residents feel that the quality of life in San Francisco has declined.” Additionally, “considered in light of the pandemic, these views are somewhat unsurprising. However, what stands out in the polling results is the strikingly high and consistent number of respondents who now view homeless and crime as the leading problems facing the City.”

The Chamber continues, “Roughly 88% see homelessness as having worsened in recent years, and an overwhelming 80% see addressing this homelessness crisis as a high priority.” San Francisco resident of 12 years Lindsay Stevens recently left the city and old the Bay Area’s CBS that she was relieved to be leaving as she packed her moving truck.

“There’s nothing worse than seeing such a beautiful place in such disarray. I really thought I was going to be sad when the movers loaded up the last container on Saturday, and I have never been more relieved.” She continued, “the homelessness has been a severe problem. People are not feeling safe walking their dog…The number of break-ins seems to be constantly on the rise.”

The Washington Examiner reports police statistics show crimes are increasing and car burglaries have gone up as much as 70% in some areas. San Francisco’s Police Chief Bill Scott points to two main issues: not enough police on the streets and criminals released from jail due to relaxed prosecuting.

“These same people…are going into the stores and snatching property. Once we arrest them, we find out they’ve been arrested over and over again. It’s frustrating” said Scott. Contrary to liberal leadership, 76% of San Franciscans said that “it should be a high priority for the city to increase the number of police officers in high-crime neighborhoods.”

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