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Rep. Massie Debunks Fauci Claiming His Flipflopping Was Due To ‘Evolution Of The Science’



Anthony Fauci

This week, Dr. Anthony Fauci attempted to rebut accusations that he flipflopped on his positions during the COVID-19 pandemic by claiming his contradictions were actually just due to the “evolution of the science.”

“With covid, things that we thought we knew at the beginning as the months went by turned out not to be the case… That was interpreted as flip flopping when it really was the evolution of the science,” Fauci said.

Fauci’s argument was quickly shot down by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) who pointed out multiple instances in which Fauci just “ignored science.”

“Science didn’t evolve, Fauci ignored science. He denied the existence of natural immunity. He spoke of droplets to avoid acknowledging the size of the virus was too small to be stopped by the filters of loose fitting cloth masks,” Massie wrote on Twitter. “The vaccine trials were designed NOT to show the vaccines didn’t prevent infection or spread, but he spoke as if they did. He ignored harm caused by locking down people – delayed cancer screenings, untreated diabetes, un-filled prescriptions, mental health (suicides), etc.”

“He ignored and still ignores all side effects of the novel mRNA vaccines. The policies he advanced never properly acknowledged that the elderly had exponentially more risk than children. He cared not about the stunted social and educational development of children,” Massie added. “He downplayed early treatments and promoted late stage expensive pharmaceuticals while ignoring their side effects. Fauci isn’t science, he’s a snake oil salesman trying to quietly ride his wagon out of town before the people hold him accountable for his fraud.”

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