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Election 2020

RED WAVE: President Trump to hold 14 rallies in final three days before election



The election is just 3 days away but Trump is nowhere near done campaigning on his road to four more years. 

In fact, the president is set to hold a whopping 14 rallies, focusing his final appearances in Pennsylvania and the midwest, The Hill reports. 

The Trump campaign announced the president’s schedule through November 2 on Friday, and the president teased that he may even travel on Election Day itself.

That is what you call dedication. 

In efforts to secure a win in Pennsylvania, Trump will hold four rallies in the state on Saturday. 

He will then hold five rallies on Sunday in states he won in 2016, but where he is now on defense against Biden: Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, George and Florida. 

Five more rallies are set to take place on Monday in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and two events in Michigan. 

The final event will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same city where he held his final rally of the 2016 campaign, as a sentimental and symbolic finish. 

While Biden has been hiding away, hosting very few campaign appearances since the New York Post released its exposé on his family’s business dealings, President Trump has been working tirelessly to cross the finish line. 

And though Election Day is almost upon us, Trump won’t stop until the deed is done.

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