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Real Wages Of American Workers Continued To Fall Last Month Due To Inflation



The real wages of American workers continued to fall last month as a result of the inflation crisis that began under President Biden’s administration. 

While prices rose just 0.1% last month and annual inflation decelerated to a rate of 5% over the last year, that figure is still 2.5 times the Federal Reserve’s target rate, according to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The sky-high rate has caused the real wages of Americans to fall. According to a separate report, the real average weekly earnings of American workers “decreased 0.1 percent over the month due to the change in real average hourly earnings combined with a 0.3-percent decrease in the average workweek. “

“Real average hourly earnings decreased 0.7 percent, seasonally adjusted, from March 2022 to March 2023. The change in real average hourly earnings combined with a decrease of 0.9 percent in the average workweek resulted in a 1.6-percent decrease in real average weekly earnings over this period,” the report added. 

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