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Rand Paul Calls Out Moderna CEO For Denying Data Showing COVID Vaccine Could Cause Myocarditis



Covid-19 vaccination record card with syringe and vial

During a hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called out Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel for refusing to admit that evidence has shown that the COVID-19 vaccine could cause negative side effects, like myocarditis.

As noted by Fox News, “Previous studies showed mostly adolescent and young adult males developed myocarditis after the second COVID-19 shot. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) then suggested waiting longer than usual between each dose to reduce the risk of developing myocarditis.”

During the hearing, Bancel falsely claimed that data shows that those who received the COVID-19 vaccine were at a smaller risk of myocarditis than those who contracted the virus. 

“That is not true,” Paul corrected Bancel, and then entered into evidence six peer-reviewed papers that “say the complete opposite” of Bancel’s statements. 

“I spoke with your president just last week and he readily acknowledged, in private, that yes there is an increased risk of myocarditis. The fact that you can’t say it in public is quite disturbing,” Paul continued.

“You have children. Have you vaccinated your children?” Paul asked. 

“I have,” Bancel responded. 

“How many times?” Paul asked.

“3 or 4 times,” Bancel said. 

“Do you believe it creates a conflict of interest for the government employees who are making money off of the vaccine to be also dictating how many times we take the vaccine?” Paul asked the Moderna CEO.

“This is for the government to decide,” Bancel responded. 

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