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Election 2022

President Biden Tell Fetterman’s Wife She’ll Be ‘A Great Lady In The Senate’



On Thursday, President Biden mistakenly told Gisele Fetterman — the wife of Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman— that she was going to be a “great lady in the Senate.”

Biden’s comment came during an appearance in Pennsylvania on Thursday that he made in support of Fetterman’s candidacy, despite his dismal approval ratings.

“Lieutenant Governor,” Biden paused briefly as someone appeared to say something to him. “I was saying something nice about you … that’s why I went out. And no — but I’m saying we’re going to try like the devil, I’m going to keep you from having to — not having to deciding to leave, I wish you didn’t.”

“And John,” Biden continued, addressing Fetterman. “Thank you very much for running, I really do appreciate it. And Gisele, you’re gonna — gonna be a great — a great lady in the Senate.”

Biden’s remarks come amid growing questions about Fetterman’s mental fitness for office as he has displayed obvious auditory processing issues resulting from his stroke in May. In a recent interview with NBC News reporter Dasha Burns, Fetterman required “unconventional” needs due to these issues, like a large computer screen for closed captioning so he could better understand and respond to her questions. According to Burns, Fetterman even struggled with simple “small talk” before the interview started.

Due to Fetterman’s impaired mental faculties, his wife Gisele has been labeled “more than a surrogate” as she has become increasingly more active in her husband’s campaign against Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. Rolling Stone has gone as far as to refer to Gisele Fetterman as “the de facto candidate” in a recent profile.

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