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Portland ‘May Day’ Protests of ‘Autonomous Demonstrations’ on ICE Facility Declared Riot

Portland has been forced to declare a riot after a group of roughly 100 people engaged in “autonomous demonstrations”



Portland ICE Building

Portland, Oregon has been forced to declare a riot after a group of roughly 100 people engaged in “autonomous demonstrations” near an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement facility. In what is being deemed “May Day” occurred as the protests evolved into a full-fledged riot. At least fourteen arrests were made, including one individual who allegedly menaced officers with a knife.

Fox News reports between 9 and 10 p.m. local time Sunday, “one group of about 30 individuals gathered near the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility and another group of about 80 to 100 people gathered in Shemanski Park. Both events had been promoted as ‘autonomous demonstrations,’ according to the Portland Police Bureau.” The attacks were “similar to prior events where participants engaged in criminal behavior including arson, assault, vandalism and theft.”

The Portland Police Department chronicled the incident on Twitter with several pictures of the damage to the area. “Three separate Starbucks sustained window damage. The Hilton sustained graffiti on the wall during the riot in Downtown Portland” Tweeted @PortlandPolice.

A report said arrests were made and the group dissolved by around 11 p.m. A separate group “clashed with federal authorities stationed at the city’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement building. The clash reportedly led to officers firing pepper ball rounds” reported Fox News.

In a released statement, Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said “We appreciate those who engaged in their First Amendment rights this afternoon in a peaceful manner. Once again, under the cover of darkness, several dozen people decided to damage and destroy multiple businesses in our downtown area resulting in a riot.”

“The situation became extremely dangerous when a man brandished a knife at officers when officers were simply doing their job. The officers appear to have exercised restraint and professionalism and safely apprehended this suspect. I am proud of all of our employees who worked to minimize further damage and arrest some of the criminals involved” the statement concluded.

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  1. jobardu

    May 5, 2021 at 12:53 am

    LEO ought to open a betting pool, like the ones used for groups to wager on the NCAA basketball tournament, on how many of those 14 mostly peaceful but masked and armed demonstrators will be charged, and how many will serve jail time. Right off I’ll place my bets on “zero” and “zero”. That is consistent with ongoing data. Since it is getting warmer in Portland it is time for Mayor Wheeler to announce that he is turning up the fans on the Antifa/BLM rioters.

    A few months ago he “turned up the heat” on the demonstrators, which reportedly turned out to be providing heated kiosks so they could prepare, rest and pack up after their riots. This time it will be providing locations with air conditioning and ventilation so the mostly peaceful Democratic intimidation and destruction gangs can perform their “Art” in a comfortable setting.

  2. truth

    May 11, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    Really odd, now that the ultra-left loonies won the POTUS race, the Capitol Hill Autistic Zone, CHAZ-style insurrections are not allowed anymore.

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