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Podcast: The state of California is going down in liberal flames



Tomi Lauren

The state of California is going down in liberal flames, and guest Tomi Laren joined Leo to discuss its decline; “the writing has been on the wall for many years” says Laren.

Democratic leadership is creating policies “that disadvantage decent, law-abiding hard-working Americans” and ramp up a culture that supports homelessness and drugs, creating a literal “free for all.”

Don’t forget about the complete demise of any sort of education. Children are actually being taught about pornography at the elementary school level. Leo also talks about the numerous times he has been approached to run against Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election. Should he run?

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  1. E Anne Penwright

    June 5, 2021 at 6:03 pm

    HELL YES!! LEO 2.0 would make a great Governor!

  2. Roger Mitchell

    June 5, 2021 at 8:00 pm

    Go for it Leo you make a whole lot of sense.

  3. Ben Franklin

    June 5, 2021 at 11:48 pm


    Don’t try to run for anything in CA until the massive voter fraud is cleaned up once Trump regains the presidency. It won’t matter if you win the majority of the votes for any major state office in CA, the fix has been in since the dems have ruled CA for many years.

    Also, though I first learned about you from watching Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson on Fox, (I did not like Leo 1.0), you are not that well known among the general public in CA. You need more name recognition. For that, you should run for some office in a county that has a significant Black population, but is not totally ruled by democrats (good luck with that).

    Although I am white, knowing what I know of your character, I would vote for you in a predominantly white city, like Mission Viejo CA. The problem is, not everyone knows what you believe, and a lot of conservative white people are afraid of blacks in politics because so many have been brainwashed and co-opted by the democrat party.

    God bless you and keep the faith,

    We love you Leo, keep hanging in there. So glad to see that you saw the light and became Leo 2.0. You are an inspiration for Blakes who need more role models who are not on the democrat plantation. You are also an inspiration to whites that there is hope for the black community.

  4. sharon

    June 6, 2021 at 4:05 pm

    Yes, as a Californian, yes, please run. We need to clean up this state from the ground up. God Bless You.

  5. Donna Saenz

    June 7, 2021 at 9:42 am

    Love you man!!! No one like you. Thank GOD you came to the light and left the dark side Demorats. No one cuts to the bone like you do. Thank you for your honesty, truth, brilliance, uncompromising. Heck with California, I would love to see you at least in Trumps cabinet when he is reinstated and after Trumps next 8 years, you running for president would we amazing.

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