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Piers Morgan’s On Border Crisis: ‘Biden Has Absolutely No Clue What to do About it’



Piers Morgan

TV personality and host Piers Morgan is calling out President Biden and his administration on its tumultuous handling of the southern border. Piers, a liberal who hosted a political talk show on CNN from 2011 to 2014, released an Op-Ed in the Daily Mail with one huge message: “I’ve come to the unnerving conclusion that Biden has absolutely no clue what to do about” the border crisis.

Morgan begins his piece by discussing the photo circulating of what mainstream media deemed a border patrol agent whipping a migrant trying to cross the border. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the incident was “horrific”, “horrible” and “devastating to watch.”

Morgan addresses the photograph in the title of his Op-Ed: “The sight of US border horsemen charging into Haitian migrants is shocking – but it’s despicable for Biden to pass blame for this chaos to the men and women put in impossible position of controlling a human tide that HE created.”

Morgan then continues a defense for the agent(s) by quoting them, as well as the Associated Press reporter who took at least one or more of the photographs in discussion:

The white agent is wielding his horse’s long reins in an aggressive way that some believe was akin to whipping the black migrant, conjuring vile memories of the horrific days of American slavery.

But the agents involved later angrily denied this, saying that anyone with ‘two brain cells’ would know they were using their split reins to control their horses in the melee.

Then Morgan discusses the photographer:

Paul Ratje, a photographer from Associated Press who took the extraordinarily powerful picture, described what he witnessed to the Washington Post:

‘I get to the scene, and everybody is crossing there. We get in the water – a few other colleagues were in the water – and all of a sudden, some police showed up and they started trying to get people to leave. Then the Border Patrol agents on horseback arrived and they started trying to get people to leave. They had gotten a lot of people to start leaving the banks, but then people just kept coming across the river. There was a continuous flow and [the agents] were like: ‘No, you can’t come in. Go back to Mexico.’ But people were like, ‘but my family’s over there.’
Ratje watched as many of the migrants then tried to run past the Border Patrol, and aimed his camera.

‘That’s when one of the agents grabbed a guy and kind of swung him around,’ he told the Post.
What he captured is undeniably a very ugly photo of a very ugly confrontation.

(Interestingly, Ratje’s own take on it, based on what he saw with his own eyes, was not entirely unsympathetic to the agents who he sensed feel ‘overwhelmed’ and deeply frustrated) that has shocked America, and the wider world, and enraged Democrats as much as Republicans.

Morgan quotes NAACP President Derrick Johnson who said, “the humanitarian crisis happening under this administration on the southern border disgustingly mirrors some of the darkest moments in America’s history.”

Morgan concludes: “He’s right: if these scenes had happened on Trump’s watch, the liberal screaming about what a monster he is, would have echoed around the globe. As always, Biden gets a less censorious pass from the liberal-dominated media, just as he has done on the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal of US troops and appalling ‘mistaken’ killing of an Afghan family of ten by a US drone strike.”

Finally, Morgan writes, “I’ve come to the unnerving conclusion that Biden has absolutely no clue what to do about it.”

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