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Philly Gas Station owner Forced to Hire Machine Gun Toting Armed Guards to Fight Crime



The action of a Philadelphia gas station owner is indicative of the current American plight. Fed up with “incessant crime threatening his employees and customers” Neil Patel felt obligated to hire “heavily armed security guards to watch over his business.”

Speaking with FOX 29, Patel, operator of a Karco gas station at Broad and Clearfield streets in North Philadelphia, said he recruited Pennsylvania S.I.T.E Agents clad with Kevlar vest and AR-15s or shotguns.

“They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level,” said Patel, who noted the last straw was a stolen ATM machine and vandalism. “We are tired of this nonsense; robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs.”

“We wear Kevlar, we are trained, my guards go to training every other week, they’re proficient with [their guns] and with their taser, they know the law,” Chief Andre Boyer said.

FOX 29 reported residents and neighbors have mixed reactions. “I listen to them, but according to some people, violent people, they carry the guns, they’re not afraid of them? This is the protection for the neighborhood and the customers,” said Patel, who added his business has been crime free since hiring the guards.

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