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Palestinians at Israel border yell at CNN reporter: ‘F— CNN’, ‘you are genocide supporters!’



A CNN reporter experienced a terrifying incident caught on the morning news. While reporting on the Israel-Hamas war in the West Bank city of Ramallah, reporter Sara Sidner was accosted by a mob of angry Palestinians. The protestors were vehemently against Israel defending itself following the October 7 Hamas terror attacks which left over 1,400 Israelis slaughtered.

“F— CNN” one man shouted in Sidner’s face and accused her and CNN of being “genocide supporters.” Sidner had to be pulled out of harm’s way by her security team, and the whole ordeal was caught on Friday’s “CNN This Morning.” As she continued reporting, a man wearing a scarf and green sweatshirt jumped in between Sidner and her producers, approached the reporter and began screaming, “You are genocide supporters! You are not welcome here! Genocide supporters!”

Sidner was reporting on the anger and Palestinian protests while touring Ramallah. Wearing a helmet and safety vest, Sidner spoke into the camera about protesters and the Arab world at large showing “solidarity” against Israel that was “called for by Hamas.”

Fox News reports that Sidner remained calm and kept her voice low as the man approached her, put his face close to hers, pointing a finger and pushing into her, then yelling, “F— CNN! F— CNN! F— CNN! Genocide supporters!”

After getting some separation, Sidner continued reporting, stating, “All right, you see that people are very angry. They do not like the way in which that CNN has been reporting the story. You hear that.”

She assured her team and CNN host Erin Burnett, “We’re fine,” and continued reporting, “But what you are seeing is the heightened fear, anger, frustration with what’s happening in general.”

She added that there’s a “general anger people feel that Israel is getting more support than the Palestinians, and the Palestinians feel they’re getting bombed and losing a lot of life. We’re upwards of 3000 people now killed, 10,000-plus who have been injured in Gaza” she claimed.

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