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NYC Subway Mass Shooter Was on FBI Terror Watch List!



As reported on www.patriotalerts.com moments ago, the New York City subway mass shooter was on the FBI Terror Watch List. The NYPD announced a ‘Person of Interest’ in nationwide manhunt. The post states: “The NYC subway mass shooter, who opened fire on unsuspecting passengers while at a Brooklyn station, was on the FBI’s terror watch list until 2019. The Daily Mail reported that the suspect in the Brooklyn subway shooting was on the FBI’s terrorist radar in New Mexico until 2019, according to a report – and was cleared after ‘multiple interviews.” See the embedded videos and tweets in the article.

Curiously, Federal law enforcement has failed to release a photo or name of the suspect, odd behavior for a manhunt. However, a “person of interest” has arisen. The person of “interest” has been identified as one Frank James. The post states additionally: “Frank James rented a U-Haul van tied to the N train attack in Sunset Park and is being sought for questioning, police said at an evening briefing,” the Post added. The statement adds: “The key to the van was found at the scene of the crime, as was a credit card that rented the vehicle out of Philadelphia, police and law-enforcement sources said.” However, the NYPD told the Post that it is unclear if James is the suspected gunman.

The article references reporter Andy Ngo, who looked into Frank James’ social media background and found that James “was a virulent black nationalist, much like the Waukesha parade attacker. Ngo tweeted: Breaking: NYPD named Frank James as a person of interest in the #Brooklyn mass shooting. Like the Waukesha suspect & the Louisville BLM activist who allegedly tried to assassinate a mayoral candidate, James appeared to be a fan of black nationalism.”

According to sources who spoke with the Post, “the gunman had been on the run for hours before police uncovered a crucial clue: the van, which had Arizona plates and was located on West Third Street near Kings Highway late Tuesday afternoon.” Perhaps metaphoric for the decay of a once-great city, the Post noted that: “Police have launched a massive manhunt for the shooter and revealed that surveillance cameras at the Sunset Park subway station were not working at the time of the assault.” Nothing to see here, literally. “Law enforcement sources told The Post that the cameras tend to go out ‘from time to time’.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Debbie Tullis

    April 14, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    Go thank biden and the democractic party for letting criminals and others wanting to commit terrorist crimes against the American people,these people should not be out walking around law abiding citizens, they should be locked away for the rest of their natural life just like the crooked democractic party from biden on down the line. Trump 2024

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