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Non-Partisan Advisory Panel Concludes ‘No Need for a Disinformation Governance Board’



The expert advisory panel for the Homeland Security Department declared President Joe Biden’s request for a Disinformation Governance Board unnecessary.

The panel, headed by former Bush administration Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff and former Clinton administration official Jamie Gorelick, “was immediately cheered by congressional Republicans as proof the Biden administration overstepped its bounds with a proposal that often drew comparisons to George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth” writes Just the News.

 “We have now had briefings on the relevant disinformation-related activities of the Department. We are not ready, as of yet, to provide recommendations on the Department’s most effective approach to disinformation threats, including commitments to increase transparency and protect civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy,” the panel wrote in a short memo earlier this week.

“However, at this point, we have concluded that there is no need for a Disinformation Governance Board,” the memo concluded.

“From its initially botched rollout, the ‘Ministry of Truth’ lacked a defined mission or even direction. It was clear it was a political tool to be wielded by the party in control,” House Homeland Security Republicans tweeted.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., added: “DHS decides today there was no need for its unconstitutional Disinformation Board after all.”

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