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Mike Pompeo: ‘The Most Dangerous Person In The World Is Randi Weingarten’



Mike Pompeo

During a newly published interview with Semafor, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers, as the world’s “most dangerous person” — saying that teachers union have the potential to tear down the United States.

Pompeo made the comments in response to Semafor’s Shelby Talcott asking, “what do you view as the central issues that any Republican should be running on come 2024?”

“The central ideas of America are timeless — limited government, expanded set of freedoms, protecting the capacity of people to practice their faith. The very things I spoke about tonight — making sure we don’t teach our kids crap in schools, which we are at the center of doing,” Pompeo said.

“I tell the story often — I get asked ‘Who’s the most dangerous person in the world? Is it Chairman Kim, is it Xi Jinping?’” he continued. “The most dangerous person in the world is Randi Weingarten. It’s not a close call.”

“If you ask, ‘Who’s the most likely to take this republic down?’ It would be the teachers unions, and the filth that they’re teaching our kids, and the fact that they don’t know math and reading or writing,” Pompeo explained, later adding, “If our kids don’t grow up understanding America is an exceptional nation, we’re done. If they think it’s an oppressor class and an oppressed class, if they think the 1619 Project, and we were founded on a racist idea — if those are the things people entered the seventh grade deeply embedded in their understanding of America, it’s difficult to understand how Xi Jinping’s claim that America is in decline won’t prove true.”

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