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Louis Vuitton vs. Liberal Portland: Luxury Brand won’t pay 2020 taxes after protestors ransacked store



The streets of Portland, Oregon turned into a war zone in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd when protestors looted, ransacked and destroyed property around the city. The luxury retailer Louis Vuitton lost so much in damages, the company is still refusing to pay the city its 2020 taxes.

The Portland, Oregon store lost an estimated $300,000 worth of merchandise during the riots of which the extremely leftist, progressive city leaders did nothing to contain. The city filed a lawsuit against the French company on August 26 in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

The Complaint claims Louis Vuitton owes the city of Portland $23,825 in business taxes, penalties, and interest for 2020. The company also owes the county $18,443. Combined the company is $42,268 behind in city and county business tax payments for 2020, according to the lawsuit.

The city says Louis Vuitton has failed to pay its bill despite notices. National Review obtained a copy of the lawsuit and reports the lawsuit:

does not indicate exactly why Louis Vuitton has refused to pay its taxes, and the company has not addressed questions from the media. But Portland media outlets have noted that the taxes in question are from 2020, the year Louis Vuitton and many other downtown businesses were badly damaged and looted during riots stemming from the in-custody killing of George Floyd more than 1,700 miles away in Minnesota.
A protest on May 29, 2020, turned into a riot, during which rioters broke into the high-end Pioneer Place mall and raided stores. Viral video of the riot showed a crowd of people, mostly wearing masks, ransacking the Louis Vuitton store and fleeing with luxury bags and other items.

The store’s manager estimated that the rioters caused over $500,000 in damage and stole more than $300,000 worth of items, according to a report in the Oregonian, which first reported on the lawsuit. In addition to ransacking Louis Vuitton, looters also targeted the Apple store, Capital One, H&M, and Starbucks in the mall, according to media reports.

At the time, the Portland Business Alliance said the rioting and looting was “simply anarchy,” and condemned those involved. “This is just the worst timing, worst behavior and unacceptable by any standards of peaceful demonstrations that we support,” Portland Business Alliance President Andrew Hoan told a local NBC affiliate in May 2020.

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