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Minnesota small businesses band together to defy extended COVID restrictions

A group of small businesses agrees to resist any new COVID-19 restrictions that may be set in place in the near future. 



A group of small businesses in Minnesota are taking the lyrics “land of the free and the home of the brave” to a whole new level as they agree to resist any new COVID-19 restrictions that may be set in place in the near future. 

Democratic Gov. Tim Walz issued a “dial back” order for the state on November 20 due to an increase in coronavirus infections that is set to expire this Friday. But, he has signaled that he plans to extend the order on Wednesday, the Epoch Times reports. 

The order mandates all bars and restaurants must close both indoor and outdoor dining, only allowing take-out service. Gyms and other businesses must close their doors as well. 

Darius Teichroew, founder of the ReOpen Minnesota Coalition, told CBS News that the organization has one goal: “to provide a little bit of peace and prosperity to these owners and their desperate employees as we approach Christmas.”

A whopping 150 small businesses plan to defy the order if it comes. 

“At the end of the day, people just want to feed their families, care for their employees, provide for their communities,” he said. 

Local business owners are encouraged to “join the cause and commit to opening” by promising to continue operations. 

“Fill out this form to indicate that you will no longer allow our governor to strangle your ability and God-given right to care for your own family and community,” the pledge form states. “If you are willing, your business will be included in the list of open  businesses to be released the evening before your chosen opening day (Dec. 16 or Dec. 18).”

“Fear is real out there, and fearful people can be very mean, so a kind word to these owners and employees in this Christmas season can mean anything,” the post continues. 

The group also challenges those who say remaining open puts people at risk. 

“For those who want to say that these businesses are putting others at risk…we challenge you to show us from any science and data that the risk of going to a bar, or working out at a gym, or bowling ten frames, or teaching a small dance class is any more dangerous than going to Walmart, walking through a crowded MOA (Mall of America), or spending two hours in a busy supermarket,” the post urged. 

“Trust us, we all have families, many of us have family members in the medical field, many of us have lost loved ones to COVID. But the state’s own data DOES NOT support any of the current lockdown, and much of the country and world stands amazed that Minnesota and a few other states still have leaders resorting to the failed policies of mass lockdown, especially lockdowns so arbitrary as this one,” it adds.

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  1. Y.A.

    December 16, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    Why can’t small business owners just install air purifiers and at night run UV light that kills all viruses and bacteria? Its a no-brainer. With wiping down surfaces there would be zero reason to not open. There is no connection between covid and restaurant eating. Getting air purifiers is a low cost solution to this. So overall, one can only ascertain that this is a Democrat ploy to destroy small businesses because small business is the engine to a successful economy. And we all know democrats DON’T want that.

  2. Claudia

    December 16, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    You have the support of everyone in Florida where we are FREE…our governor knows how to do it, and I’m sorry that your state elected 100% idiots.

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