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Karine Jean-Pierre Questioned On Biden Admin Asking Oil Companies To Lower Gas Prices



On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned by reporters on the Biden administration asking oil companies to lower gas prices even more despite President Biden’s goal to end fossil fuel use.

“So, you’re asking oil companies to further lower gas prices.  What makes you think that they are going to listen to an administration that is ultimately trying to put them out of business?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked.

“How is the administration trying to put them out of business?” Jean-Pierre asked.

“Well, they produce fossil fuels, and this President says he wants to end fossil fuel,” Doocy noted.

“So look, I — you kind of asked me this question yesterday.  And here’s — here’s where — what we would say: U.S. oil production is up and on track to reach a record high next year.  We’ve seen that from their — from when we see their profit margins.  They are — they — you know, it’s record high,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “And so, in fact, the United States has produced more oil in President Biden’s first year than under Trump’s administration’s first year.  But at the same time, oil companies are raking in record profits while more than 9,000 approved drilling permits remain untapped by the oil industry.”

“There is no shortage of opportunity or incentive for all companies to ramp up production.  This is something that they can actually do.  It is available to them.  They can do this.  And also, they’re getting the profits,” she added. “And so, because they’re getting — I just showed 60 cents on the chart — more profit — right? — that they — that we’re seeing higher — more higher costs that we’re seeing that what — than what retailers are paying at the pump.  They can bring that down.  They’ve done it before.  You saw that at the chart, in the beginning.  They were able to bring prices down.”

The exchange comes a few months after Chevron’s CEO Michael Wirth sent a letter to President Biden with advice on how his administration can help reduce record high gas prices and criticizing Biden’s attempts to “vilify” the oil industry.

“I want to be clear that Chevron shares your concerns over the higher prices that Americans are experiencing. And I assure you that Chevron is doing its part to help address these challenges by increasing capital expenditures to $18 billion in 2022, more than 50% higher than last year,” Wirth wrote, in part.

“Chevron and its 37,000 employees work every day to help provide the world with the energy it demands and to lift up the lives of billions of people who rely on these supplies,” he continued. “Notwithstanding these efforts, your Administration has largely sought to criticize, and at times vilify, our industry. These actions are not beneficial to meeting the challenges we face and are not what the American people deserve.”

“While today’s geopolitical situation is contributing to this energy crisis, bringing prices down and increasing supply will require a change in approach. You have called on our industry to increase energy production,” he added. “We agree. Let’s work together. The U.S. energy sector needs cooperation and support from your Administration for our country to return to a path toward greater energy security, economic prosperity, and environmental protection.”

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