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iPhone 12 radiation ‘crisis in Europe’ prompts Apple to release emergency software patch



France’s National Frequency Agency ordered all 2020 iPhone 12’s off the market, threatening a government ordered recall due to alarming radiofrequency levels. Radiofrequency energy levels could be absorbed by the human body, according to the agency. Specifically, the French watchdogs say the electromagnetic radiation for the iPhone 12 was 5.74, and the limit is 4.0.

ADN America reports that controls of the “specific absorption rate” which is the system of measurement used to determine the level of radiofrequency energy – could be absorbed by the human body – was exceeding permissible limits.

Apple has denied the phone’s emissions as being outside of legal norms, but has decided to issue an emergency software patch for the iPhone 12. “The radiation case is the most recent in a series of European regulatory issues for the California-based company, which has placed the tech company at the center of multiple investigations about its powerful position in the marketplace” ADN adds.

After France’s announcement, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands all followed with investigations as well. Spain and Italy asked Apple to update its software for the iPhone 12 to lower electromagnetic radiation emissions.

A European Commission spokesman said the new revelations could prompt EU restrictions to prohibit iPhone 12 sales.

ADN America reports:

EU authorities say they will be re-testing the devices once the new software patch is installed. French Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications Jean-Noël Barrot said that although the emissions were “more than ten times lower” than radiation levels that would cause long-term health risks, Apple needed to act.

“The rule is the rule,” Barrot wrote on social media. “Apple must comply.”

Carlo Alberto Carnevale-Maffè, a professor of business strategy at Milan’s Bocconi University School of Management, said there are other issues beyond electromagnetic radiation emissions.

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