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House Intelligence Chairman: Trump’s And Biden’s Handling Of Classified Docs ‘Of Grave Concern’



Over the weekend, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) said he has “grave concern” after seeing the classified documents that both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden stored at their private residences.

Turner made his comments during a Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Jake Tapper, saying that the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate intelligence committees had viewed the documents that the two men stored at their homes, which have prompted federal criminal investigations in both cases.

“I can tell you that, from having looked at both of those documents, I have grave concern about both of those type of documents being out in an unsecured place,” Turner said. “Both of them included details of national security issues that should not have been outside of a controlled environment.”

Trump was indicted earlier this month for his handling of the classified documents, and the charges were unsealed by the Justice Department the next day. The former president says he is innocent and pleaded “not guilty” at a federal courthouse in Miami last week. 

“Now, with respect to [the federal indictment against Trump], it’s going to go forward,” Turner said. “And I’m certainly not going to defend the behavior that is listed in that complaint. But they’re going to have to prove it. And it’s a legal process that’s going to have to go forward.”

The Justice Department’s investigation into Biden’s handling of the classified documents from his time as vice president is ongoing.

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