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Hamas releases first video of hostage; NYT analysis says at least some of the footage is six days old

Hamas says 200-250 hostages held in Gaza



Hamas released a 60-second clip of a French-Israeli woman in its first proof of hostages still being alive. 21-year-old Mia Schem, who was kidnapped from the Supernova music festival, appears on video with a large cast covering almost her entire right arm, and she appears to actively be receiving medical treatment.

The young woman then speaks directly to the camera and in Hebrew explains how she was injured during the Hamas terrorist group’s bloody assault on Israel on Saturday October 7. She then says she endured a three-hour surgical operation on her arm in the Gaza Strip. She ends the video asking for help as well as pleads to be reunited with her loved ones. “I just ask that I am returned as fast as possible to my family, to my parents, and to my siblings…Please get us out of here as quickly as possible” she concludes, according to a translation by the New York Times.

One concerning piece of information the Times of Israel reported is that “analysis of the video’s metadata carried out by The New York Times revealed that at least some of the footage in the video of Schem was filmed at least six days ago.”

After Karen Schem, Mia’s mother was shown the video of her daughter she said “I screamed when I saw the video of Mia, because I saw she’s alive, but when I watched it again, I saw that she’s wounded.”

“I see that she’s very terrified, in a lot of pain, and I can see that she’s saying what they’re telling her to say” the mother added. “I didn’t know if she’s dead or alive until yesterday, all I knew is that she might be kidnapped. I’m begging the world to bring my baby back home. She only went to a party, to a festival party to have some fun. Now she’s in Gaza.”

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