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Gordon Chang: Small Groups Of Chinese Illegally Crossing U.S. Border To Sabotage Us On Day One Of A War With Asia



On Monday, Gatestone Institute Senior Fellow Gordon Chang discussed the illegal immigration crisis and the threat of military-aged Chinese nationals illegally entering the U.S.

Chang made his comments during an interview with Fox News host Jason Chaffetz. 

“This is the big concern about Biden and taking what is now reportedly potentially up to $40 million,” Chaffetz said. “Not all from China, but still millions of dollars from China, potentially compromising our national intelligence operations. I want to get your take on something very specific here. The number of Chinese nationals encountered by the United States border patrol is exploding.”

“For the 2020 fiscal year it was just 342. But for this fiscal year it is already over 12,000 that they have encountered. Chinese nationals encountered by border patrol coming across our southern border. What is going on here?” he asked Chang.

“First of all, China is in distress. The Chinese people are trying to get out of their country. It’s extreme pessimism and a failure of society,” Chang responded. “In that number, Jason, there are males of military age unaccompanied by family members pretending not to speak English traveling in packs of between 5 and 15. Those almost certainly are saboteurs. They are being placed in the United States because on the first day of a war with Asia I believe they will commit acts of sabotage against us.”

“The Biden administration is not tracking these people. It is obvious what is going on. Even the Border Patrol has found known links to the Chinese military with some of these people coming across. The Biden administration could not care less,” he added.

Chang’s comments come as the illegal immigration crisis continues to worsen with Customs and Border Protection encountering more than 2 million migrants attempting to illegally cross the border so far in fiscal year 2023. That figure puts illegal immigration numbers in fiscal year 2023 on track to set another record high – a record that has been broken every year since President Biden took office. 

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