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Election 2020

‘GO DO IT’: President Trump urges voters to change their vote

Interestingly enough, those who searched “change my vote” also searched “Hunter Biden,” or other queries related to the Post’s bombshell report. 



Around 65 million Americans have already cast their ballot prior to the November 3 election. 

But what happens if you change your mind at the last minute? 

Fear not; in some states, you can actually change your vote, and President Trump is urging everyone to do so.  

“Strongly Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate is CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? This refers changing it to me. The answer in most states is YES. Go do it,” the president tweeted. “Most important Election of your life!” 


The phrase “change my vote” has seen a massive boost on Google Trends over the last seven days, just one week after the New York Post published its Biden family exposé, and continued climbing following the second and final presidential debate between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday. 

By a massive boost, we are talking 300 percent.

The google searches for “change my vote” had the most interest in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, New Hampshire and Arizona, as of Tuesday morning. 

Similar google searches that also skyrocketed include “can I change my vote?” and “how do I change my vote?,” according to Google trends. 

Interestingly enough, those who searched “change my vote” also searched “Hunter Biden,” or other queries related to the Post’s bombshell report. 

And the search inquiries keep going up. In the last day, the search “#howdoichangemyvote” is up by a whopping 4,300 percent, according to Google Trends.

So, the question remains: can you really change your vote? 

Some states do, in fact, allow voters who have changed their minds to submit a new ballot, according to Matthew Weil, director of the Election Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center. 

“In some states, you can submit your ballot, have a change of heart, and submit a new ballot,” Weil told Newsy. 

States that allow voters to change their early ballot after it’s been cast include Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Mississippi, CNN reports. 

In Arizona, Florida, Idaho and Minnesota, residents who voted by mail can vote with a provisional ballot on Election day, according to the Post. Election officials urge voters to bring ballots not sent in the mail with them to the polling place. 

With the election just one week away, and both candidates ramping up efforts to win over key battleground states, this search trend is extremely significant – several of the states that allow voters to change their early ballots are the states that Trump needs to win. 

The president is headed to rallies in three of those states – Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska – today. 

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