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Former CIA Director Accuses Adam Schiff Of Leaking Classified Information



On Wednesday, former CIA Director Mike Pompeo accused Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) of leaking classified information.

The allegation was made shortly after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) kicked Schiff off the House Intelligence Committee for repeatedly lying to the American people.

“During my time as CIA director and secretary of state, I know that he leaked classified information that had been provided to him,” Pompeo said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered.”

Pompeo did not get specific, but he said that the issue forced him to restrict what was shared with Congress. 

In response, co-host Emily Compagno questioned Pompeo on why there hasn’t been accountability if those leaks would be “a felony at minimum, up to treason.”

“It’s a complicated process, right? It’s difficult to pin down precisely what happened,” Pompeo said. “But I could tell you that when we provided information to him and to his staff, it ended up in places it shouldn’t have been with alarming regularity. We could see it. In the end, I decided, I held back information from them as a result.”

Pompeo’s comments came a day after Schiff claimed he was “very, very careful” in his handling of classified documents.

Schiff made his claim during an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who asked if he had ever taken any classified documents home. 

“This is what’s so astounding, I think, for all of us on the Intelligence Committee. I never take classified documents to my house,” Schiff said. “I don’t know any reason why people would.”

Schiff said he would go to a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), which is a secure location where sensitive information can be viewed.

“I am so paranoid when I go into the SCIF and out of the SCIF to make sure I’ve got no electronics on the way in, that I’ve got nothing with me on the way out. I am very, very careful about it, and I would assume that everyone else is, but clearly there’s a problem here,” he said.

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