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Former CBP Head Slams Biden For Prioritizing Ukraine Border Over America’s



During an interview with The Daily Wire on Monday, former acting commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Mark Morgan slammed President Biden for his focus on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, saying that the Biden administration appears to be more focused on securing Ukraine’s border than America’s.

“If your policies are encouraging, incentivizing, illegal immigration, you’re making our border less secure,” Morgan said. “You’ve got people that think they’re trying to secure the border. But the problem is they’re actually being led by ideology rather than reality. I’ve served in this country for 35 years, six administrations, both Republican and Democrat. I’ve never seen an administration filled with so many ideologues.”

Morgan’s comments come as illegal immigration levels have continued to be at record highs – while deportations by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have reached record lows.

“In Fiscal Year 2021, ICE officers and special agents effectively carried out their national security, public safety, and border security mission despite having to work through the devastating COVID-19 pandemic,” ICE Acting Director Tae Johnson said in a statement. “As the annual report’s data reflects, ICE’s officers and special agents focused on cases that delivered the greatest law enforcement impact in communities across the country while upholding our values as a nation.”

According to a report from ICE released earlier this month, the agency recorded 59,011 deportations in fiscal year 2021, less than a third of the 185,884 deporations that had occurred in fiscal year 2020.

Meanwhile, CBP detained over 1.7 million migrants during fiscal year 2021 — the second-highest annual total on record.

“The lower numbers were partly the result of enforcement changes triggered by the coronavirus pandemic that have allowed U.S. agents to rapidly expel unlawful border crossers under the Title 42 public health code, a procedure that does not count as a formal deportation,” The Washington Post reported. “But another gauge of ICE enforcement activity — immigration arrests in the U.S. interior — also showed a significant drop relative to historic averages. Officers working for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) made about 74,082 administrative arrests during the 2021 fiscal year, down from 104,000 during fiscal 2020 and an average of 148,000 annually from 2017 through 2019.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ned

    March 29, 2022 at 1:37 pm

    This Administration is dead set on destroying everything the kept America strong. They will not stop now that the left has gained so much through their defunct policies. If America doesn’t come together to remove these progressives and compromised people from power, our future will be grim. America was one Nation under God, yet now they don’t want God even mentioned? These people and their selfish ideals are being directed by Satan himself! Whenever anyone fights to pish God aside as hard as these people have been, that gives Satan the opportunity to fit the blinders tightly over peoples eyes, essentially blinding them from the truth and what’s right. We are watching our Country being dismantled piece by piece with every day that passes. When evil starts replacing good, there is little hope for society. We all now see why these power hungry Autocrats were so enraged when Donald Trump slowed their role on this mission to destroy all values and morals. These people are dreaming of a one world order and all they have actually done is weakened America’s role on the global stage. If these people cheat again in the mid terms like they did in the key battle ground States, this Country need to come unglued and find a better way to prove just who the majority truly is. If everyone comes together to show our true alliance, their will be little they can do to prevent the immediate audits required to find the wrongs vs the right. If our elections can be compromised by one party, we’re only fooling ourselves by thinking we have a true Democracy!

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