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Former Airspace Exec Accuses New Mexico’s Dem Governor, Appointees of ‘Serial Lawbreaking’



Michelle Lujan Grisham
Michelle Lujan Grisham

New Mexico’s Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, as well as many of her political appointees, are being accused of serial lawbreaking. Zach DeGregorio, former Chief Financial Officer of Spaceport America has claimed among other things, that one appointee Alicia Keyes, “encouraged him to falsify an economic impact study” reports the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Keyes also “mishandled a bond refinancing for the purpose of defrauding the state” he alleged. DeGregorio says when he attempted to report the wrongdoing, he was threatened with investigations and a firing. Specifically, DeGregorio believes he was retaliated against after filing the whistleblower complaint.

The complaint is nothing to be taken lightly. Along with defrauding the state, the lawsuit states Spaceport America’s chief client, Virgin Galactic, and its CEO, Richard Branson, had bribed Governor Lujan Grisham in exchange for “essential business” status during COVID-19 shutdowns.

DCNF reports:

The governor’s office met with Virgin Galactic shortly before Grisham “ma[d]e changes to the NM Spaceport Authority board,” “ma[d]e staffing changes at the NM Spaceport Authority,” and “made operational changes at the NM Spaceport Authority that benefited Virgin Galactic at the expense of other customers and the NM taxpayers,” according to the lawsuit.

DeGregorio is requesting $200 million for loss of future earning capacity, emotional distress and back pay. He resigned from his position in June 2020, “shortly after he filed a complaint alleging that Spaceport America Executive Director Daniel Hicks violated several state laws, which led to “possible waste and abuse of taxpayer funds.”

“In the lawsuit, DeGregorio adds that Hicks attempted to break into his email account and accessed emails DeGregorio sent to Keyes about Hicks’ involvement in alleged procurement fraud.”

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