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FBI Searched Penn Biden Center For Classified Documents In November: Report



The FBI reportedly searched Democrat President Joe Biden’s private office at the Penn Biden Center in November after Biden’s lawyers found the original set of about 10 classified documents there on November 2.

The FBI’s search of Biden’s office, which was first reported by CBS News, was not previously disclosed by “the White House, Mr. Biden’s personal attorneys, or the Department of Justice,” the report said. 

“Mr. Biden used the 6th-floor office space near the Capitol periodically between 2017 and 2019. The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement opened its doors in 2018,” CBS News reported. “Two sources told CBS News the search was conducted with the cooperation of Mr. Biden’s representatives. A search warrant was not sought.”

“It is not clear whether FBI personnel found any additional classified or presidential material during the mid-November sweep,” the outlet said. 

On November 2, lawyers for Biden found the original set of about 10 classified documents in Biden’s possession. On December 20, additional classified documents were found by Biden’s lawyers in the president’s garage and his private library during an inspection of his home in Wilmington, Delaware. 

November’s discovery of classified documents was also first revealed to the public by CBS News in a report released on January 9 – more than two months later. The White House then publicly confirmed the report, saying that the administration was cooperating with the DOJ and NARA, but refused to mention the additional classified documents found in December.

Throughout January, classified documents have continued to be found in Biden’s possession in unsecure locations. The situation has forced Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to launch “full-blown criminal investigation” into Biden, CNN reported.

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