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Fauci Says ‘Don’t Think So’ to the End of Wearing Masks on Airplanes



It’s a battle between Fauci and the friendly skies. On Sunday, White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci refuted top airline CEO’s by saying we should continue wearing masks on airplanes.

ABC News This Week host Jonathan Karl asked Fauci about comments made by several top airline CEOs at a Senate commerce committee hearing last Wednesday. “CEOs of the top airlines said that on an airplane you are actually safer than you are in an ICU” because of the filtration systems, said Karl.

Karl then asks Fauci, “They were suggesting that there really isn’t much of a need for a mask on an airplane. Are we gonna get to the point where we won’t have to wear masks on airplanes?”

Without hesitation, Fauci responded, “I don’t think so. I think when you’re dealing with a close space, even though the filtration is good, that you want to go that extra step.”

Currently, the CDC has federally mandated mask-wearing on airplanes and in airports; a policy which has been extended into March. If Fauci has his way, passengers will be forced to order pretzels and sprites to sip and snack on the entire flight in order to enjoy some reprieve from mask-wearing.

During Wednesday’s Senate commerce committee hearing, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly testified that “the case is very strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment.”

“It is very safe and high-quality compared to any other indoor setting” he added. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker chimed in, “I concur. An aircraft is the safest place you can be. It’s true all of our aircraft – they all have the same HEPA filters and airflow.”

Even Massachusetts Democratic Senator Ed Markey said he was “Shocked” at the CEO’s suggestions that masks are no longer needed on airplanes.

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