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DeSantis Slams Biden Over High Gas Prices: ‘It’s Still Over Four Bucks!’



Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed President Joe Biden this week over the high gas prices Americans are struggling to afford. DeSantis’ comments came after Biden visited Saudi Arabia last week and failed to make a deal with OPEC+ which caused oil prices to surge this week.

“How come it’s wrong to produce our own oil and gas here, but you can go to Saudi Arabia and fist bump to try to get it from Saudi?” DeSantis said. “I mean, it makes no sense that we wouldn’t do it. We have opportunities here to be energy independent and not have to worry about any of these other countries. And yet they’re intentionally not doing it and you can’t run a modern economy on windmills. You just can’t do it.”

“And so now we’re in a situation where they’re bragging that gas has gone down over the last however many weeks, it’s still over four bucks! Like I had never seen it over $4 in my whole life living here,” DeSantis continued. “It’s just when you’re cranking the printing presses, you’re making energy more expensive. You know, that creates an upward pressure on all of this stuff. And so the acceleration from May to June that we saw at the end of June, not only was — they said it wouldn’t happen, then they said it was a blip, and they said it would peak soon. It still didn’t peak even after that. And so that’s really making it difficult for a lot of people, you know, to make ends meet.”

Last week, Biden visited Saudi Arabia during a tour of the Middle East and failed to make a deal with OPEC+. Biden’s failure led to another surge in oil prices which is expected to cause gas prices to increase even more.

“The price of oil rose on Monday after the US president, Joe Biden, came away from talks in the Middle East without an agreement on raising supply,” The Guardian reported. “Biden had hoped to secure a promise from Saudi Arabia to increase its output of oil, which could lead to an easing of global supply pressures.”

“But Brent crude rose 2.6% to $103.88 (£86.91) on Monday after Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, quelled speculation over an output increase,” The Guardian added. “He said that officials at a US-Arab summit on Saturday did not discuss oil and that the Opec+ oil cartel nations would continue to assess market conditions.”

Naeem Aslam, the chief market analyst at Avatrade, said: “The message is that it is Opec+ that makes the oil supply decision, and the cartel isn’t remotely interested in what Biden is trying to achieve.”

“Opec+ will continue to control oil supply, and one country alone cannot determine the oil supply – at least that is the message that traders have taken from Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia,” Aslam added.

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