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DeSantis: ‘Full-Spectrum’ Freedom Is To Be Free From Gov Constraints Imposed By Leftists



Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

During a new interview, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis explained how true freedom is to be free from the governmental constraints put in place by Democrats. 

“We’re slaying it all, ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance], we’re slaying that, the DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] stuff, critical race theory, we’re slaying that. We’re creating a model for what a free society should be,” he said. “Yes: freedom for you to not be constrained by government, all conservatives have always believed that, but also, freedom for you to live your life without having the pathologies of the Left imposed upon you from all the other institutions in society.”

“Maybe that’s a woke corporation, maybe that’s Soros funding a D.A. [district attorney] in your community, and that D.A. says he’s not enforcing a law, putting you and your family at risk. We had a Soros D.A. in Tampa who said he wasn’t going to enforce the law. I removed him from office, and he is litigating, but I’m winning the cases,” DeSantis said. “You just have to recognize the threats to freedom are more than just whether someone is going to come in and raise your taxes or pass a bad piece of legislation.”

“I think in Florida, we’re fighting full-spectrum. I think more conservatives right now across the country are realizing we need to fight full-spectrum,” he added.

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