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Democrat Opponent Of Mayra Flores Pays Advertiser Who Attacks Her As ‘Miss Frijoles’



The Democrat congressman running against Republican Mayra Flores for a Texas House seat paid a Texas blogger who is attacking the Hispanic candidate and calling her “Miss Frijoles,” “cotton-pickin’ liar,” and other racist insults, according to a new report from NBC.

On June 24, Democrat Rep. Vincente Gonzales (TX) paid $1,200 to the McHale Report Blog for “advertising services.” After the payment, the first posts attacking Flores by calling her “Miss Frijoles” and other slurs began to appear. Since then, the leftist blog has called Flores “Miss Frijoles” at least 21 times.

“My far left opponent, Vincent Gonzalez, hired a local blogger to run hateful & racist ads against me,” Flores tweeted in response on Monday. “But, I love frijoles & I grew up eating frijoles. I am not embarrassed of my upbringings & frijoles w/tortillas de harina is simply the best. Here’s to Miss Frijoles 2022.”

The Gonzalez campaign and blogger Jerry McHale have denied the accusations, claiming that the timing of the attacks was purely coincidental and that Gonzalez did not pay for the posts or know about them. They did not explain what the Gonzalez campaign’s $1,200 check was payment for, however, as the blog has not run a single ad for Gonzalez since the payment – apparently just attacks on Flores.

“Of course, the congressman is against referring to Rep. Flores as ‘Miss Frijoles’ or a ‘cotton-picking liar’,” Gonzalez’s campaign manager, Collin Steele, claimed in a text message to NBC News.

But McHale intends to continue the attacks, according to the report.

“I am a liberal Democrat. And it’s war against the Republican … I’m going to be merciless with her,” the blogger told NBC News.

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