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Democrat Gov Gretchen Whitmer Again Falsely Claims Schools Were Shut Down ‘For Three Months’



On Thursday, Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer doubled down on her false claim that schools in her state were only shut down “for three months.”

“Our kids were out of school for three months,” Whitmer falsely claimed. “That’s what happened in a lot states. I’ve heard it been characterized that we locked kids out school for two years. That’s just not true. It was three months. We did have a pause that was pre-vaccine where we saw a big spike here in Michigan.”

Children were not out of school for just “three months,” however. Many schools in Michigan entered the 2022 school year shut down, and Whitmer repeatedly urged schools to shut down after the vaccine became available.

Whitmer had previously made the claim during a debate against her Republican opponent Tudor Dixon, saying, “Kids were out for three months.”

Dixon was stunned by the claim and quickly corrected her.

“We even had schools that were closed this year. This is shocking to me that [Whitmer] thinks schools were only closed for three months—or maybe she thinks she can convince you that schools were only closed for three months,” Dixon said. “But you know better, because your students are the ones that are desperately behind.”

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