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China to Pelosi: Stay Home!

China vehemently resists any move by Washington to recognize the Taiwanese government in Taipei



Nancy Pelosi

According to an article published on www.msn.com, Beijing (capitol of China) is trying to stop Pelosi from visiting Taiwan. Taiwan is the leading supplier of chips (microchips) to the U.S. Much discussion has been in the news lately of China invading or in some other fashion taking control of Taiwan. Beijing warned it is ‘seriously prepared’ to retaliate if Pelosi goes to Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosi is the U. S. Speaker of the House, a somewhat important position in Congress. As reported, Pelosi is reportedly scheduling a trip to Taiwan in August, “paying visit to the world’s leading producer of semiconductors and the most important supplier of chips to the U.S.”

Taiwan is a self-governing island that produces 92% of the world’s most advanced computer chips, including the chipsets that power iPhones and most other U.S. tech. The island of Taiwan is separated from the southeast coast of China by the Taiwan Strait, which ranges from 220 km (140 mi) at its widest point to 130 km (81 mi) at its narrowest. See map of China coast and Taiwan.

As quoted in the msn.com post, “But despite the booming trade between Taiwan and the U.S., political relations remain complicated. The Chinese government in Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan and vehemently resists any move by Washington to recognize the Taiwanese government in Taipei.” The post continues: “Now reports of Pelosi’s unconfirmed visit have stoked tensions between the U.S. and China so high that even officials from Washington are advising the speaker against going.”

China threatens retaliation. The Financial Times reported last Tuesday that the speaker was considering a stop in Taiwan during a tour of Asia, prompting immediate objection from Beijing.

“The Chinese side has repeatedly made clear to the US side our serious concern over Speaker Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan and our firm opposition to the visit,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said in a press briefing Monday, confirming Beijing had warned U.S. officials against Pelosi’s potential visit.

“We are getting seriously prepared,” Zhao said Monday, hinting Pelosi’s visit could prompt a retaliation. The article reports that “Pelosi’s visit would be the highest-profile trip by a U.S. politician to Taiwan in decades. Beijing has conducted military exercises near Taiwan to protest U.S. attempts to form a deeper political partnership with Taipei, and has threatened war in the event Taiwan declares formal independence.”

U.S. officials seem to be influenced, if not intimidated by China’s rhetoric, which one or more bureaucrats described as stronger than usual. Last Wednesday, President Joe Biden, who is preparing for a call with Chinese president Xi Jinping at the end of the month, told reporters that “the military thinks [a Pelosi visit is] not a good idea right now.” (Presumably Biden is referring to the United States military.) See related video embedded in the article. Congress aiming to increase chip manufacturing in the U.S. Beijing gave no insight into the nature of any retaliation.

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